Are you looking for a job? These soft skills could help you get one!

Are you looking for a job? These soft skills could help you get one!


Getting a good job can be tough in today’s job market. When you are looking for a job it is important to highlight your skills and sell yourself. Your resume should have both hard skills and soft skills on it. Hard skills are tangible measurable skills that you have. These include things like typing, operating machinery, experience gained, and a degree or certificate earned. You should put your hard skills on your resume, but in this job market you need more than that to set yourself apart. Soft skills are skills that cannot be measured. They are generally attributes or a part of your character. Most positions you apply for have several other candidates who are also applying. These soft skills could help set you apart from those other candidates.


Strong Work Ethic- A person can have a bunch of concrete hard skills and no work ethic and they are worthless to a company. An employer doesn’t want to have employees with no work ethic. On the other hand, you may not have as many hard skills as that candidate, but if you are a hard worker and willing to learn you could be more valuable to that employer. Always be willing to emphasize your soft skills and talk about how they will apply to the position you are interviewing for.


Positive attitude- This is a skill that might seem simple, but it is actually quite significant. Regardless of what field you work in, if you can maintain a positive attitude even when work gets tough you are an asset to your team.


Team player- Not everyone works well on teams. If this is a skill you should speak to it on your resume and in interviews. As with any skill you list on your resume, make sure you can back it up with some examples. Talk about a time you worked with a team and were successful.


These are just a few soft skills that can help set you apart from other candidates when looking for a job. According to, the top ten soft skills employers are looking for are, strong work ethic, positive attitude, good communication skills, time management abilities, problem solving skills, acting as a team player, self-confidence, ability to accept criticism, flexibility, and ability to work under pressure. However, it is important to remember that you are just one person, and nobody is perfect. Companies want to see someone who is authentic, so be yourself! Think about the skills you possess and be honest about your weaknesses.

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