Interview with WTI Graduate, Trisha Kloeppel

Interview with WTI Graduate, Trisha Kloeppel



“Why did you choose the program you did?”

“I originally wanted to pursue a career as a mortician but decided first to get some education in the medical field and was drawn to WTI because of the one year medical programs. I initially thought about the medical assistant program but was drawn to the pharmacy technician field mainly because of the math (which I love). I enjoyed the classroom atmosphere, which I felt was fun while still learning. The length and cost of the program appealed to me as well, which would enable me to achieve my goals.”


“What did you enjoy most about WTI? Why?”

“The Staff! I felt that they were all warm and welcoming, and I felt like I belonged at WTI. They truly care about the students. When I was going through some personal issues, I thought about quitting but the staff discussed with me the importance of staying in school and made me feel that I could accomplish my goals with hard work and determination.”


“What are your career goals?”

“Right now I plan on staying at CVS Pharmacy. I feel like somewhat of a pioneer here as I assisted in setting up not only the pharmacy, but the entire store before opening this past fall. I have also thought that maybe in the future, I would like to work in an institutional pharmacy (hospital setting) and then eventually going back to school to achieve my initial goal of becoming a mortician.”


“What do you enjoy in your free time?”

“Spending time with my fiancé and taking care of our nine animals (six cats and three dogs), some of which we rescued. Other than that, I enjoy watching movies.”


“Who do you admire? Why?”

“My WTI pharmacy instructor, Isa Greenwood. I felt that she supported me during my time at WTI even though, at times, she didn’t agree with some of the decisions I made. I felt loved and that she honestly cared.”

“I felt that the classroom lab was a great practice for that on-the-job training. Working in both labs was a great experience and prepared me for what I am doing now. I also felt that the experience that my instructor had in the pharmacy field was a great addition to the classroom and she was able to explain why things are done the way they are. Great experience at WTI!”

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