Interview with WTI Graduate, Jacob Engle – CTNA Program

Interview with WTI Graduate, Jacob Engle – CTNA Program



Jacob Engle is a 2011 graduate from WTI Joplin’s Computer Technology & Network Administration program. Jacob began his IT career as a GPS Technician in the Kansas area and shortly after was hired by Legget & Platt, Inc. for their IT department. Recently Jacob was offered a position as a Senior Administrator for Pittsburg State University (PSU). Jacob has continued to excel in his IT career.


Why did you choose the program you did?

I liked that there was room to grow in the field. You can keep advancing yourself with certifications and positions.


What did you enjoy most about WTI? Why?

I enjoyed the instructors the most. They were great! They did a lot of hands on teaching; we would talk about it and then actually do it. You were able to see how it was supposed to work.  They also pushed you to get certified because they knew you would need it in the real world.


What are your career goals?

The great thing is that I have already achieved my first goal of being a Senior Administrator and have now set a new goal of being the Director of an IT department or IT infrastructure.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I am an outdoorsman so I enjoy hunting and riding horses. I also enjoy visiting St. Louis.


Who do you admire? Why?

My Grandpa, he taught me to keep moving forward, keep working and work hard no matter what. He also told me what to expect when I did go out and start working.

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