Inspiration From One of WTI’s Finest

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”
~ Colin Powell

We all struggle, at some point in our lives, with our mission and purpose. I spent four years working for a perfectly wonderful medical practice before I realized that I needed to feel a stronger sense of service to others. Through time and experience, we chart our course, and what a wonderful thing when we finally discover our chosen path.

It was February 2007 when I first walked into a WTI classroom to try my hand at teaching. I had spent weeks preparing for this day, and had the usual first-day jitters. I probably rambled a little and shuffled aimlessly through my notes, still, I couldn’t deny the feeling that it felt right. After class, a female student asked to speak to me. She shared that she was recovering from a traumatic injury. She struggled to find words to speak her mind, but I knew exactly what she was asking: Can I really do this?

As we talked, I realized that beyond the injury was a capable young woman who was filled with the same doubts we all experience. I told her that there wasn’t a lack of ability, but a lack of confidence. Throughout the course, it was rewarding to watch her push beyond her comfort zone and begin to realize her abilities. She completed the course at the top of the class.

That conversation on my first day at WTI became the first of many interactions with students that has changed my life and theirs. Their stories are inspiring, and have propelled me through the last 10 years. If you are still searching for that career that provides you with a sense of purpose that we all want, you are not alone. As you explore your future, please know that here at WTI, our door is always open.

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