4 Questions to Ask in Your Interview

4 Questions to Ask in Your Interview

Often times when we picture a successful interview, we imagine answering each question with confidence and no loss for words. While your poise on an interview is key, there will inevitably come a point in the interview where your potential employer asks YOU if you have any questions before your interview concludes. What you do here speaks volumes about you professionally.


There are several reasons why asking questions in an interview may set you apart from other candidates. The first reason being that it demonstrates you are an active participant in the conversation. It is tempting to let your nerves take over during the interview and get out of the room as soon as the interview concludes. Combat this nervousness by remaining confident and assertive, show your interviewer how engaged you are by immediately asking questions. This demonstrates not only your confidence, but how proactive you are! Secondly, asking question is paramount in that it shows your interviewer you are truly interested in the company. If you are ready with a list of three or four questions, it shows the interviewer that you are enthusiastic and intrigued by the position.  Lastly, asking questions shows you came prepared (and interviewers LOVE when candidates are prepared).


Now that you know the reasons why asking questions is important, let’s go over some potential questions you could ask in an interview, and why those questions matter:


How would you describe the responsibilities associated with this position? This questions illustrates that you are already envisioning yourself employed at the company (which is a good thing, be confident!) And asking this question also indicates that you are a go-getter and heavily interested in knowing the ins and outs of this position.


What is this company’s management style? This question is a good one for you to know prior to showing up on your first day. Is management involved in the day-to-day? Or do they manage from a higher level and are only involved in high level decision making? Either way, this is nice to know before you begin so you can know what to expect and how to respond effectively. This question also demonstrates to your interviewer that you are ready to work with a team and that you strive to work hard for management, while knowing how to best communicate with the, (based off of their management style).


1.     Can you describe to me the typical day here? This question elicits a deep interest in your position, while also indicating you are ready to be prepared for anything. Will it be a crazy atmosphere with tons of meetings and deadlines, or is this establishment more low key? Either way you will show up prepared or your interviewer will appreciate your enthusiasm and quest for knowledge.


What can I tell you about my qualifications or previous work experience? This question is perfect if your interview was on the shorter side, and if you didn’t have much time to expound upon something you are particularly proud of or are certain would highlight a particular skill set. Asking this question will also indicate to your interviewer that you are proud of your resume and skills, and prepared to talk over previous work experience or skillset (which gives them an even clearer picture of whether you are the right fit or not).


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