10 Powerful Words for Your Resume

10 Powerful Words for Your Resume

In previous blogs WTI has covered the importance of the job interview; whether it is common mistakes to avoid, or important questions to ask. But not so fast…Before you prepare for the ever-so-important job interview, how do you get your foot in the door? The answer is an exceptional resume. During the job hunt your resume is what can get you noticed or get you passed up, so how do you set yourself apart from the crowd? According to careerealism.com, using powerful resume words can increase your chance of getting hired by 80%


Revise your resume! Below are 10 powerful words to include in your next round of revisions:


1.     Accomplished – Right from the get go this word sends a strong message.  There was something to be done, and you got it done. Using this word conveys that you can be given a task and it will be executed. Tip: This word with accompanied data will be a surefire way to get attention. Put a number to your accomplishment and be able to expound upon that when the time comes for an interview.


2.     Constructed – Potential employers don’t want someone who will sit idly by; they want a person of action. By using this verb you are saying, ‘I worked to achieve this,’ and what employer doesn’t want that in a candidate? Use specifics here! Resumes are the perfect time to brag, so don’t be shy. What did you construct? How was it beneficial to the greater good?


3.     Discovered – To discover something, one must be searching in the first place. Did you search for something that made your job more efficient? A solution to a problem? Discovery is the driving force behind change, and employers will love knowing that you sought out solutions.


4.     Expanded – OK, OK this may seem like a fancy word for growth, but growth can be a very powerful force in a business. Expansion is an indicator that there is demand; a sign of any healthy business. This is another great place to be as specific as possible. What did you expand? By how much? Your resume should show AND tell.


5.     Formulated – This verb indicates that you are able to research and execute. State your case. What did you formulate? Why? What results were yielded? The ability to formulate and problem solve will serve you well in your job search; indicate as such on your resume!


6.     Gained – This is a great verb to use when referring to any skill set or expertise you have honed in your field. In this portion of your resume be sure you mention the experience you acquired that would make you an ideal candidate for the job. Did you gain new skills? How will they apply? Show the reader you have skills they can use!


7.     Initiated – Taking initiative is a great way to stand out from the rest of the workforce, so why not say so in your resume? Being the driving force behind a project will set the precedence that you are a thought leader. ‘Initiated’ can also indicate that you are a self-starter, which is a surefire sign of hire-able candidate.


8.     Mentored – Nothing says ‘team player’ like mentoring a colleague or classmate. Using this word denotes motivation to educate, while also demonstrating passion for what you do. On paper this indicates that you are willing to venture outside your scope of work and teach others. Plus, while mentoring someone you are undoubtedly gaining a more defined expertise; and a better understanding of the subject matter is never a bad thing!


9.     Obtained –In terms of your resume, the verb obtained can allude to acquiring information, or more importantly, ‘obtained’ can relate to goals you have made and achieved. What goals did you set and achieve? Knowing that once you set out for something, you obtain it, is valuable information for your interviewer.


10.     Strengthened – Simply stated, you saw the need for improvement and you made something better. Potential employers will love this verb in particular because it shows a real hunger for change and betterment. Strengthening something indicates your ability to take action versus being passive and simply assessing a situation for what it is.


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